Minutes for Meeting Tuesday Jan. 23, 2018

 Old Metairie Garden Club

Inarguable Meeting



Tuesday January 23, 2018

Meeting started 6:38 p.m.

Thank you to all Business for donations and support:

  • Hi Brow
  • Boulevard Bistro
  • 504 Waring
  • Stephanie Robbins
  • Tina Bordelon Jewelry
  • Longue Vue Gardens
  • Lucky Coin
  • She
  • Barnett Optical
  • Grace Pilates & Yoga
  • Nora Vaden Holmes
  • Perino’s
  • Richard Rowley


Carmen Waring, President:  Speech attached.


Introduction of the Board Members:

Carmen Waring                          President

Heidi Dale                                   Vice President

Denise               Oliva                                Treasurer

Tammy Palmisano                     Recording Secretary

Maureen McConnell                 Membership/Communications Director

Stephanie Robbins                    Marketing Director

Tina Bordelon                             Social Events Director

Carey Hammet                           Honorary Board Member

Guest Speaker:


Jennifer Van Vranchen            Council Woman

CPZ Pedestrian Overlay-Pedestrian, bike path

RFP Branding Metairie Road Due February 22, 2018

Bike Path on Bonnabel from Metairie Road to Lake Pontchartrain

End of Metairie Road Bike path from Mississippi River to the Lake

Causeway and Metairie Road underpass repaired and beautified (mural or something)

Commitment to bring Christmas Lights back to Metairie Road

Loves and shares the Fair Hope vision of Metairie Road


Robert Hardy                      Boulevard Bistro

Taking over Barreca’s  re-opening with lots of parking and a full restaurant and bar in April 2018.


Steve Bell                             Old Metairie Business Association

Projects for 2018- more black and white street signs and stop signs. Christmas lights up for Christmas 2018.


1st OMGC project:

Welcome to Old Metairie marquis will be determined by committee.


Heidi Dale                            Membership

4 levels              Resident $25.00

Business $100.00

Non Resident $50.00

Non Business  $200.00

Explained that anyone can be part of this club an encourage to sign up and also get a second chance for door prizes.


Tina Bordelon                     Social Event Director


Explained that the club ideas for future events will be for Business Beautification

Porch Crawl

BBQ Cook Off

Patio/Garden tour

Sit and Sip


Stephanie Robbins            Social Media

Needs 2 or 3 people to help with social media postings.


Carmen Waring                  President

Drawing for door prizes


Meeting ends at 7:30 p.m.



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