Metairie Ridge School Established 1909

Old Metairie School Marker | Old Metairie Garden Clubby: Emily H. Dardis, OMGC Historian

Metairie Ridge School was first established as a one-room school house in 1909.  By 1912, enrollment had increased to 54 pupils.  By 1929, the school was reframed as a brick building and renamed to Metairie High School, with grades 1 through 12.  In 1955, East Jefferson High School was completed, and the school was renamed to Metairie Junior High, with Vernon C. Haynes as its principal.  By 1974, the school was renamed Vernon C. and Gilda P. Haynes Middle School, and then in 2004, the school reestablished itself as an advanced academy.  The school added one grade each year, and its first graduating class, as an advanced academy, was in 2010.

Photo of Metairie Ridge School
from the book New Orleans, 1900 to 1920

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