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“Ardentibus Cordibus Floremus”
With ardent hearts, we flourish.

Metairie, Louisiana has a history rich with tradition and culture. Originally part of the City of New Orleans, Metairie has grown to be a distinct community, independent and attractive to residents, businesses, and visitors. It has a population of approximately 150,000 people and is the largest community in Jefferson Parish, the fourth largest in Louisiana, and the fifth largest census-designated place in the United States. Though surprising, Metairie is not a city; and so, its people have never had a flag of their own …till now.

The Jefferson Chamber Young Professionals, in concert with the region’s tricentennial, have designed and selected a unique flag of Metairie to celebrate its people, culture, history, and ideals. The distinctive features and colors of the flag proclaim a diverse French-Spanish-American heritage and a sincere appreciation for the area’s rich Louisiana history and New Orleans ancestry.

The flag’s most notable attributes are its golden fleurs and coeurs de lis (flowers and hearts of the lily) balanced in a coupling of trinity arrangements, representing tradition, prosperity, wisdom, opportunity, faith, and innovation. The red and blue foundation and aspirational thin, white stripe signify the principles of natural liberty and equal justice guiding a limited, transparent government.

On November 1st (All Saints Day), 2018, the Jefferson Chamber Young Professionals invite all in the area to join together for the first official raising of the Metairie flag as a unified act of kinship between Metairie, its sister city of New Orleans, Jefferson Parish, and all neighboring communities in celebration of our region’s tricentennial anniversary.

In addition to OMGC being on the advisory council for the rebranding of Metairie Road, OMGC has also partnered with The Jefferson Chamber Young Professionals to assist them in marketing the first flag for Metairie.  As part of the New Orleans Metropolitan Area, Metairie is the largest community of Jefferson Parish and is rich in its own history.   As such, The Jefferson Chamber Young Professionals felt it was time that Metairie embrace its’ rich history and develop its’ own flag to be flown proudly throughout the area.

Please visit them at The Jefferson Chamber Young Professional tent at the September 18th FAMM and see the flag in person.  Not only will they have them available for sale but have donated one for the OMGC raffle basket.

-Old Metairie Garden Club

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