Our First General Meeting Jan. 23, 2018

Welcome to the inaugural meeting of the

 Old Metairie Garden Club.

First Public Meeting | Old Metairie Garden ClubWe want to thank Lauren Pratts, owner of HiBrow for offering her space for our 1st meeting.    Also want to thank our guest speakers:  The Honorable, Jennifer Van Vrancken, Council Woman of District 5 and Mr. Robert Hardie, General Manager of Boulevard Bistro from which these wonderful tasty appetizers come from.  Let’s give them a round of applause.

FOR the past several years, my husband, Stephen and I have taken short trips to Fairhope, Ala and absolutely were always in awe of the beauty of that community.  Main St. is packed with small businesses that span for at least 1-2 miles to Mobile Bay.  During different seasons, you can find flowers, plants adorning every corner, whether on the ground, in pots or hanging plants and often you find strands of lights for the holidays. There are festivals and various events throughout the year and the people are warm and inviting.   I asked several store owners and local residents…What was their secret? Basically, the answer was…..it’s community involvement.  They do have a civic club, garden club , neighborhood watch…but it is all about the people……business owners and residents participate on different levels to promote beauty, safety, and preservation of their town.       So each time we come back home to Old Metairie, we ask why can’t we do what Fairhope does?      We certainly have many wonderful stores, restaurants, schools, churches and so much more ……..and we even have a St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

First Public Meeting The Crowd | Old Metairie Garden ClubSo, a couple of months ago, I posed the same question on Old Metairie Happenings (a facebook page) and it was amazing to see the response.  177 followers asked to join the OMGC FB page because they also wanted what Fairhope has.  So here we are bringing this and many ideas together to form OMGC.    After having the pleasure of speaking to Steve Bel, Metairie Rd. Business Association – President,  speaking to Nora Vaden Holmes who currently serves on the Board of Jefferson Beautification, then to Jennifer Van Vrancken,  and to Ms. Carrie Hammet who has been very involved in previous projects for Old Metairie,..it became clear that our club  could really accomplish some wonderful projects with the help of our Community….    which is all of…..YOU!     So we present to you today:  The Mission of the Old Metairie Garden Club is to build relationships through education, beautification, and preservation of our community.   We plan on various social, educational and networking events for the entire family.   We will share some details throughout this meeting but please complete a Membership Ap and become a member today.  We need you to get involved so that we can start building relationships and persevere with any and every project.  Please also sign up for the committees which we will talk about shortly.

At this time I would like to introduce our board:

Carmen Waring President,

Heidi Dale, Vice President,

Denise Oliva-Treasurer,

Tammy Palmisano-Secretary,

Maureen McConnell – Membership/Communications Director,

Stephanie Robbins- Marketing Director,

Tina Bordelon- Social Events Director

Carrie Hammet – Honorary Board Member


First Public Meeting the Crowd 2 | Old Metairie Garden ClubNext

Please help me to welcome our 1st distinguished speaker

The Honorable, Jennifer Van Vrancken , Council Woman for District 5.

Please Welcome our next speaker:

Please Welcome Robert Hardie, General Manager of Boulevard American Bistro

Then move to committee descriptions:

Heidi Dale –  Membership

Maureen McConnell – Marquis Project

Tina Bordelon – Social Events

Stephanie Robbins – Social Media

So now let’s see the winners of the Door Prizes:

Stephanie Robbins to call out the winners.



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