Objectives for Farmers Arts Metairie Market

  1. Inaugural Market – May 15th 3:30 to 7:30- at Park in front of Nora Vaden Holmes office (Metairie Road at Metairie Lawn Dr).
  2. Monthly Market thereafter on Tuesday or Wednesday. Location TBD.
  3. Vendors: 15-20 Farmers and 5-7 Craft or Art Booths
  4. Old Metairie Garden Club will have its own booth with the sale of club items and craft for children.
  5. Music: possible small singing/band act with other musicians that may just play for tips.
  6. Alcohol: We will try to have 3rd party vendor sell wine and beer, no liquor.
  7. Proceeds from club sales to go to Annual Club Projects with Old Metairie beautification at the forefront.
  8. Hoping to make Old Metairie walkable, healthier, and more community oriented!

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