General Meeting Minutes [Tuesday, July 24, 2018]

The mission of Old Metairie Garden Club is to build relationships through education, beautification, and preservation of our community.


  1. General meeting opened at 6:30pm and led by President, Carmen Waring
  • Current community activities announced:
    • FAMM (Farmers Market) will continue monthly on 3rd Tuesday & continue Metairie Bayou Park
    • Upcoming activities – Family movie nights, Symphony night (x1 in Fall & x1 in Spring), Christmas/Holiday Celebration “Reveillion on the Ridge”
    • Process is underway for branding of Metairie Road
  • Heidi Dale announced there are currently 149 members in OMGC and 8 sponsors. She announced membership is still available to all as resident or non-resident of Old Metairie (fee is $50 annually for non-residents). Currently there are 8 sponsoring members.
  • Endeavor agreement with Jefferson Parish – reimbursement to OMGC for Farmer’s Market expenditures up to $2,000
  1. Board member introductions
  • Historian Emily Dardis: Memories of the Past – presented history of the Blue Line Streetcar that in 1916 what was known as the Napoleon Avenue streetcar line was extended to Shrewsbury Rd.  It was blue in color, and known as “the Blue Line”.
  1. Movie Night organizer Morgan Rathke announced will be in Metairie Bayou Park space wth an outdoor inflatable movie screen. Movies to be featured will be geared for family viewing.  A poll was taken with attendees, regarding “best night” to feature movies that will start in Fall.  An official poll will be posted in the website and facebook group.  Morgan petitioned the audience for idea of known “sponsors” for this community activity and for committee members (sign-up sheet provided for those interested in committee).
  2. Maureen McConnell is organizing Christmas/Holiday Celebration event, Reveillon on the Ridge. The purpose, she announced, is to create a magical holiday experience.  Event will take place at Metairie Bayou Park.Sign-up sheet provided for those attending to sign up to serve on committee.
  3. Welcoming our guest speakers was Vice President, Mrs. Heidi Dale, CPA.
    • First speaker: Parker Davies, Louisiana Land Art, LLC – he did mission work in Indonesia by designing a “self-functioning” village.  Originally from Old Metairie, his company is in 3rd year of operation.  Mr. Davies believes – “instead of moving to greener pastures, we can create pastures that are greener right here.”
    • Door Prize Orchid | Old Metairie Garden Club

      Door Prize

      Second speaker: Mrs. Denise Emmer presented talk about Orchids. Originally hails from Oklahoma, she married her husband Chris from Old Metairie.  Denise shared her passion for Orchids, that originated from a day that Chris brought home an orchid to her as a gift. From there, she took to learning all she could about this mystifying plant/flower. She shared that the Orchid is the largest plant flowering in the world and at one time were almost at risk of extinction, due to Orchid hunters.

Some interesting facts about Orchids:  the biggest exporter is Thailand; Vanilla comes from an orchid and due to difficulty with propagating the orchid explains the high price of vanilla.

  • Door prizes conducted by Treasurer, Denise Oliva, CPA.
  • Special thank you to Café’ Roma for venue, and Ms Emmer who provided door prizes of orchids.
  1. Meeting adjourned with thank you to all in attendance by President, Carmen Waring. All present are encouraged to become members and enjoy all wonderful benefits to participating in events & activities in the Old Metairie community.
  2. Next scheduled OMGC General Meeting – Tuesday, October 23, 2018. Location to be announced via OMGC website and facebook private group.

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